Investment Priorities

United Way’s current Priority Goals for investment focus on specific issues that cut across disadvantaged populations to achieve community impact. To advance these priority goals, we invest for results in terms of people served, program outcomes and lives changed for the better.

These goals are designed to:

  • Address root causes or systemic issues
  • Offer rich opportunities to align the work with multiple community partners
  • Enable evidence-based approaches
  • Capitalize on community energy

Priority Goal task forces, volunteer committees, service providers and community stakeholders will continue to guide and contribute to achieving our ten Priority Goals within our three Focus Areas – Growing Up Great, Belonging To Community and Turning Lives Around and our cross-cutting Priority Goal of Agency Capacity Building. Each Priority Goal will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Priority Goal Review process

A Priority Goal Review Process Framework was approved by the Community Services Cabinet. Through this process, the voices, expertise and experience of stakeholders from all parts of our community better inform United Way’s direction moving forward. To date, four of the ten Priority Goals have been reviewed: Mental Health & Addictions, Crisis Supports, Housing Supports and Agency Capacity Building. Please see the revised Priority Goal descriptions below.

The process of aligning both the investment and review cycles began last year, making needed adjustments as some priority goals were being reviewed. For instance, one-year investments were made for programs/projects in Mental Health & Addictions, Crisis Supports, Housing Supports and Agency Capacity Building for the 2014-15 funding cycle as these goals were being reviewed. For the 2015 Call for Proposals, Requests for Investment will be accepted for seven of the ten Priority Goals and investments will be made for two or three years depending on the Priority Goal. Please see the Call for Proposals webpage for more details.

Turning Lives Around

For Turning Lives Around, there are three recently reviewed Priority Goals:

  • People experiencing mental health and/or addictions challenges have access to coordinated community-based supports.
  • Ensure people in crisis have access to coordinated and immediate supports.
  • Decrease youth homelessness in Ottawa.

Download the complete revised Turning Lives Around Priority Goal descriptions.

Agency Capacity Building

This Priority Goal has recently been reviewed and is cross-cutting and supports the other goals.

  • Strengthening organizations so they have a greater capacity to meet community needs and change more lives.

Download the complete revised Agency Capacity Building Priority Goal description.

Growing Up Great

Improve conditions for children and youth to reach their full potential.

For Growing Up Great, there are two Priority Goals:

  • Decrease the proportion of children not ready for school
  • Increase opportunities for children and youth to be engaged outside of school hours

NB – United Way Ottawa is not accepting Requests for Investments for these Priority Goals during this Call for Proposals. Funding agreements for programs that are coming to an end on June 30, 2015 will be extended by one year to June 30, 2016 to align all investments in this Priority Goal.

Download the complete Growing Up Great Priority Goal descriptions.

Belonging To Community

Improve opportunities for vulnerable people, including seniors, immigrants and people with disabilities, to contribute fully to their communities.

For Belonging To Community, there are four Priority Goals:

  • Increase opportunities for meaningful employment for people with disabilities
  • Decrease the unemployment and underemployment rates for immigrants and new Canadians
  • Enable vulnerable seniors to remain living in their own homes and engaged in their community
  • Increase the number of residents in priority neighbourhoods leading their own community development initiatives

NB – United Way Ottawa is not accepting Requests for Investments for the Employment for Immigrants and New Canadians Priority Goal during this Call for Proposals. All current funding agreements are committed until June 30, 2017.

Download the complete Belonging To Community Priority Goal descriptions.

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