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People with Disabilities

In Ottawa only 43% of people with disabilities participate in the labour market compared to 70% of the general population.

By providing people with disabilities with employment opportunities, you also give them a pathway out of poverty.

Our community goal:

Help create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

How we're getting there:

Working with 28 stakeholders signed on to the Employment Accessibility Resource Network (EARN) Ottawa Initiative — bridging the gap between employers and service providers — creating more job opportunities for people with disabilities.


  • 1,116 people with disabilities received the help and skills they needed to find employment through front-line programs offering training, work or volunteer placements, career development and mentoring.
  • 75% of people with a severe mental illness who participated in a rural employment skills program found a job and increased their financial independence.

Learn more about how we're helping People with Disabilities

Photo of People with Disabilities fact sheet Download our People with Disabilities fact sheet (PDF, 316 KB)