The United Way brand is among the top 30 brands in the world, worth an estimated $14.3 billion, and the only charitable brand to make the Forbes.com list of the top 50 global brands. The strength of United Way’s brand makes it easier to attract funding and donations. By working together to harness the power of the United Way brand, we can grow the support base for our collective work.

Corporate social responsibility is more than writing a cheque or shipping items to a local charity. These are good, but more and more businesses of all sizes want to make a greater community impact. It’s all about the bigger picture: your business is in the community where your employees and their families live. Corporate social responsibility is community social responsibility. It is good business that strengthens your business’ reputation, helps you market and recruit some of the best talent, highlights good intentions and provides a positive example for employees.

At United Way, we can help you structure your corporate social responsibility investment in a manner that responds directly to the needs of your business strategy. Sponsorship at United Way can involve anything from monetary donations to gift or services in-kind, in return for various visibility and VIP benefits.

Check out our Sponsorship Opportunities (PDF, 650 KB) for details on our many sponsorship opportunities. Each of these opportunities can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sharon Lloyd at 613-228-6727 or salloyd@unitedwayottawa.ca..


Sponsorship Opportunities


Community Builder of the Year Awards Gala
Community Campaign Launch
Leveraging our Strengths  Conference
Community Action Days
Seeing is Believing Tours

Visibility Initiatives:

363 Coventry Road Suite Sponsorship
Pledge Forms
GCWCC Signage Program
Lamp Post Signage Program
Lawn Signs