Speakers' Bureau

There is no greater testament to the community we build and the lives we change than the first-hand accounts of the members of our Speakers’ Bureau. Our speakers — people who have benefited from a frontline program or service; volunteers at community non-profit agencies; staff working on the front lines in the community — put a face and a story behind every dollar donated. The common thread that unites them all is that each one of them has witnessed the impact that a United Way-supported program has on our community.

The Speakers’ Bureau provides a unique opportunity for you to promote your organization and the work you do at the community level. Participants receive professional communications training, from United Way Ottawa’s office.

Speakers are available throughout the year to talk to:

  • Employee groups
  • Groups of potential donors
  • Canvassers
  • Campaign workers
  • Associations
  • School groups

We have speakers who can address English, French, or bilingual groups, as well as speakers who are fluent in other languages.

Find out more about our Speakers’ Bureau. For a campaign-related activity, please contact your Campaign Manager or Loaned Representative.