How Organizations Can Help

At United Way Ottawa, we work with our partners in the community — people from business, labour, non-profit organizations, government departments, the media and special interest groups — to ensure that our investments bring positive results. We are highly involved in all aspects of our community. Based on this awareness, we can help you structure your corporate social responsibility investment in a manner that responds directly to the needs of your overall business strategy.

Your business investment in our community can come in a variety of forms. Here are just a few examples of some of the more established ways of giving:

Other ways to help include:

  • Co-branded events, where our name and the name of a partner are used together to market and publicize an event. Examples include the annual Airplane Pull, where we partner with the Ottawa Airport Authority, with the proceeds shared equally between Project Blue Skies and United Way.
  • Third-party fundraising, where retail or service-oriented businesses offer some of the proceeds from the sale of their products or services to us. Learn more

For more information on co-branded events and third-party fundraisers, please contact the Marketing Coordinator at 613-228-5792 or