The Tomorrow Fund

What is the Tomorrow Fund?

  • United Way’s Tomorrow Fund is a permanent pool of capital that remains intact, with only a portion of the interest income used annually to fund important community programs.
  • Unlike a bequest or gift of life insurance, which are realized sometime in the future, a named endowment fund is created during your lifetime.
  • This provides donors with the satisfaction of watching their fund grow and knowing that the interest earned from their fund will enable United Way to make ongoing and measurable change in the community.
  • The principal, which is never spent, continues to generate income, and donors are able to designate the priorities that this income supports.

Why Choose the Tomorrow Fund?

  • When you contribute $10,000 or more, an endowment allows you to perpetuate your own values and priorities by specifying which priorities the income from the fund will support.
  • The Tomorrow Fund helps United Way establish long-term stability and focus on long-term organizational and financial planning.
  • After federal and Ontario tax credits, a $1,000 contribution to The Tomorrow Fund costs you only $635.

To learn more about United Way Ottawa and the many giving options available to you, please contact us at 613-228-6767 or