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Our Goal is to change the lives of 61,500 people in Ottawa.
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  • Mike finds his own home, sweet, home

    For Mike, home was not a place that brought comfort or safety.

    He suffered physical abuse at the hands of a close relative for quite some time. Home for Mike meant living in fear, walking on eggshells, and anxiously awaiting what might happen next.

    “I felt like I was in a jail cell, being held hostage, and I wasn’t getting anywhere in my life.”


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  • At 92, Bill is active in his community thanks to donor support

    Bill Schermer is 92 years old and a regular participant in the Rural Ottawa South Support Services’ (ROSSS) day program. It’s one of 19 programs funded by United Way that help seniors remain independent and stay active in our community.

    See how Bill stays connected to his community thanks to your support.

    Help seniors in our community. Help change their lives for the better. Make a donation this holiday season at unitedwayottawa.ca or call 613-228-6700.



  • Home for the holidays?

    Whether you are travelling around the world or around the block, the holidays are a great time to bring families and friends together. But not everyone will be a part of a warm gathering at home. Ottawa’s story is a tale of two cities: those who are fortunate, and those who are not.

    In Ottawa, 6,700 people have no place to call home this Christmas.

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  • Happy Hanukkah

    Wishing you a Happy Hanukkah from all of us at United Way. A Hanukkah message from Rabbi Bulka:

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  • 'Even if you don't have much, you can always give something'

    This week I hit the streets of Ottawa to film a video on homelessness for United Way. My aim was to compare people's holiday plans with those of the less fortunate.

    As my colleague and I stood there with our gear, trying to get people to agree to be filmed, person after person hurried by, ignoring us.

    Before I could finish my sentence of "Hi, I work with..." I was brushed off with a quick "Not interested." We weren't even asking for donations, just a few seconds of people's time for an interview.

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